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How long should you wait to have a massage after the vaccine?

It is advised to wait AT LEAST 2 days after any injection not to overload the immune system.

You might be advised to rub the arm if it aches after an injection, but this is not the same as getting a professional massage.

If your muscles ache more than usual, or your neck becomes stiff or painful, please contact your GP.

For aches and pains after a vaccine or injection, a massage won't help, it might make it worse by making your immune system work harder. The best thing to do is get plenty of rest and reschedule when you're feeling better.

Covid Update


Updated 25/06/21

Latest Updates...


The clinic is now fully open to all clients.


I am able to see clients who need an emergency appointment.

I am now able to treat people who are in pain and experiencing any of the following;

* If you are in unbearable pain through an accident, illness or chronic condition.

*If it affects your day-to-day activities like walking, washing or driving.

*If it prevents you from getting a good nights sleep, or working.

* If it is impacting on your mental well-being and causing stress, anxiety or depression.

During Lockdown, I am unable to provide general and 'relaxing' type treatments.

If you are in pain but don't feel confident in coming into the clinic right now, I'm also offering on-line self-care sessions, where I can guide you through self-massage, stretches and home care.

I'm checking Government guidelines daily to keep informed of any changes. The latest guidelines are:

  • I will be wearing full PPE - mask, visor, apron & gloves that will be changed between each client
  • It is recommended that all clients wear a mask during treatment, especially while face up. Although this is not compulsory, I am allowed to refuse treatment without one.
  • Clients will be guided through the building, to limit surface contact
  • Consultations will now take place over the phone or online, ALL clients must have one before a massage is booked.
  • Covid screening will take place 24 hours before treatment
  • Test & Trace may require client details of name, number and date of visit if anyone is tested positive within 10 days of their visit